We're a community of creative, curious and colorful fun-seekers.

We make lightweight travel shoes and love to explore.

Our founder Vince Lebon invented Rollies for his wife Kat (nickname Rollie) so she could travel light while jetting around the world as a flight attendant. Each pair is built for comfort with luxurious uppers, breathable lining, memory foam footbeds and energy-returning EVA & rubber soles.

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  • Traveling far & wide

    We're prolific travelers who believe every day can be a great adventure.

  • Good vibes

    We're very nice people who make the very lightest, most comfortable shoes in the industry.

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  • Forever curious

    Tell us about your world. What are you doing in your Rollies today? Where will you go next?

  • Always collaborating

    We work with artists and like-minded brands from around the world to bring you limited-edition shoe collections that will inspire your every day.

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  • Laughing out loud

    We have a cheeky sense of humor and we laugh at our own jokes because, well, we think we're funny.

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