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    The Rollie City Sneaker White is a super lightweight shoe which will make you feel even higher in the clouds, 4.5 cm to be exact. Its outsole and the upper made of smooth white leather will give you the urban look with extra comfort for an active lifestyle. 


    • Extremely comfortable memory foam insoles
    • A removable insole - you can wear these with your own orthotics
    • Durable premium soft leather adjusts to your feet
    • Breathable canvas and leather lining keeps your feet fresh and cool. Perfect if you don't like to wear socks
    • White leather upper 
    • They weigh less than your flip-flops - the perfect travel shoe
    • Energy returning EVA outsole with extra grip
    • 4.5 cm foam rubber sole
    • Designed with care in Melbourne - Australia
    • Free shipping > € 75
    • Returns - just pay for shipping
    • Friendly service

    We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity

    We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity We Are Enemies of Gravity

    “Wow, they’re so light” is how most people react when they first pop on our boots. And, no wonder, at 320 grams they are actually lighter than a pair of thongs! The days of heavy shoes weighing you down be gone.

    We’re all pretty sick of having to buy a packet of band-aids whenever we treat ourselves to a new pair of shoes. But our boots are built differently. With a soft premium leather upper and super flexible heel and toe counters you’ll never have to worry about ‘new-shoe’ blisters and you can save your band-aids for other misadventures.

    We could throw lots of fancy words at you about how are sneakers are built. While they’re biomechanically designed, employ open and closed cell foam technology and some are even made with advanced strobel construction, really all that matters is they are down-right comfy with superior impact absorption, flex and energy return. OK, so perhaps we threw a couple of fancy words at you, but it’s what makes our sneakers so great.

    It’s pretty cool how our shoes are built

    The world doesn’t need more shoes, just better shoes.  We’ve combined the science and art of shoemaking to create shoes that are unbelievably light and incredibly comfy and hard wearing.  Our innovative designs hug your feet as soon as they’re on, with no ‘breaking in’ you’re ready to take on the world, or maybe just take the dog for walk.

    A cult-like following

    People really love their Rollie shoes. Some people are known to own up to 20 pairs! We love that our shoes bring people together, from around the block, to all over the world. We are all part of the Rollie Nation.

    Proudly designed in Australia

    We are part of a strong creative community here in Australia and proud of our home-grown talent. We are collaborators and big believers in the strength and magic that comes when people work together. We are passionate about sharing Australian talent with the rest of the world.

    How they roll